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          校服~school uniform

          出處:湖州金碩服飾有限公司 發布時間:2021-05-15熱度:

          校服~school uniform

          In this Audio we talk about school uniform



          Question for interaction  互動問題

          Q:Do you still remember your school uniform on middle school or high school? What do they look like? How do you like those school uniforms? What do you think of the school uniforms? 



          A:Yes I do . the school uniform I wore in middle school were blue and white . Actually a lot of my classmates dislike color and style of the clothes. I can understand because the design not good looking indeed. The purpose of letting students wear uniform is to help them decrease the distractions . so nothing to complain about. 



          Development   拓展

          1.Do you still remember sth?  你還記得某事嗎?

          Do you still remember your graduation ceremony/ honeymoon  / wedding ? 



          2.What do you think of sth?   你怎么看待…

          What do you think the children education/ meaning of life / money /  Creat reality /causal peer / to achievement others is to achievement yourself /to help others is to help yourself ? 

          你是怎么看待兒童教育的/生命的意義/金錢/創造現實 /因果同行/成人成己的/幫人幫己?


          Today's inspiration  今日感悟

          From now on , creat reality ,and plant the seeds of abundance each day . 



          Well everybody that's pretty much for today



          Finally,thanks for your listening thanks for your accompany and bless you so long

          最后,感謝您的聆聽,感謝您的陪伴 ,祝福您,再見!